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We designed these new stations to store all the tackles in one single and practical bag, making simpler to find what you need.

It is always time consuming and enervating to open half a dozen of small bags to find out what you need. So we decided to concentrate everything in one single station that is anyway offered in two sizes: the larger one is dedicated for people fishing in long sessions and using a lot of tackles, the smaller one is for the more organized carp anglers that can discern easily what they will need and what won’t. Inside the station you can find three pots and several tackle boxes. The smaller version features six HDE (High Density Eva) discs where to put the ready rigs, while the larger one features a cylindrical HDE tube (the same you can find in the Cayenne Rig Bin). The stations have four telescopic legs that can be adjusted in their position and secured with Velcro straps. The bottom part is rubber covered and can be washed easily. Design: Designed to offer maximum load capability, functionality and comfort, by our Team Members and produced to the highest standard. Fabric: Tear and water-resistant treated polyester, used throughout the range is lightweight but extremely durable. Zip: All zips through the range are specially strengthened and sturdy to withstand extreme use. Handles: Stiffened and padded handles help the transport and to spread the load for the maximum comfort.

193-30-460 Attraction Pro Station 50x35x13