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My name is Marco Campanella, I live in the province of Vicenza. I started to fish when I was very small, at first with my father, himself a great lover of fishing, especially for chub and barbel. After barely managing to stay on my a bike and gaining the confidence from my mother, I began to travel alone, just for a few km to follow my passion, which is not only fishing but also staying in contact with nature, (it helps me to relax not only the body but the mind). At the age of 15 years, with a friend, I began having my first serious contact with carp (especially the first practice of fishing for barbel and tench, when hitting a few small carp often occurred when fishing english style with polenta. We went to a small river (Tesina) not far from home, we went almost every day to use groundbait where the water slowed down and where we had noticed a lot of movement of carp and chub (then the most important thing was to catch fish).

The first day of fishing there, was the moment when I realized that carp would become my overall main fishing.That day in fact I caught a mirror carp of 5 kg, which, I swear, had me sweating out of range. I cannot tell you the happiness! That day when I packed away the rods and I told my friend Andrea: "I'm going home - today my love of carp fishing is born" . Since then I began to devote myself almost exclusively to carp. Between the ages of 18 and 22 , due to a woman, I abandoned my passion to follow those who had already planned my life for me. When that period came to an end I decided to recover the lost time, changing my method of fishing, but always against the same antagonist, targetting carp in rivers, canals, quarries in fact any place where there is water with carp.




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