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Online K-Karp Catalog 2017

posted 10/02/17
The new K-Karp Catalog 2017 is available now!
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Online K-Karp Catalog 2016

posted 19/02/16
The new K-Karp Catalog 2016 is available now!
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Online Catgear Catalog 2015

posted 16/02/15
The new Catgear Catalog 2015 is available now!
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An exciting carp fishing session on Lake Ossiach

posted 08/05/14
An exciting carp fishing session on Lake Ossiach in Carinthia . A typical heavy drizzle creates a magic curtain all around our carp specialist Simone Bertoni.
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K-Karp Online

posted 24/03/14
Beyond the K-Karp website you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and on our Youtube channel.
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Carp Rods 2014

posted 18/03/14
New rods for the year 2014, Punisher LD and Crusader XS, have been designed and stringently tested to give the very best performance possible.
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Catgear Advanced Catfishing Gear

posted 17/03/14
Our best assortment for catfishing
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Pulsar bait alarms

posted 14/03/14
The Pulsar bait alarms are famous for their compact shape and for their reliability, due to the high technology content. There is the right Pulsar alarm series for every need, just check the specs and choose yours.
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L'impeto del Rio Ebro

posted 12/03/14
Simone Bertoni fishing for big carp on the Ebro River
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Rigging solution / by Mattia Travasoni

posted 28/08/13
I never loved ready made baits. But eventually the need of big quantities of boilies for massive baitings forced me to go for some ready made boilie.
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