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posted 08/05/14

An exciting carp fishing session on Lake Ossiach in Carinthia . A typical heavy drizzle creates a magic curtain all around our carp specialist Simone Bertoni.

Apuzzo e Bertoni con una carpa pescata sul lago di Ossiach

Lake Ossiach , Carinthia . Just beyond the Italian border , Simone Bertoni is testing the products for a three days session with Gregorio Apuzzo. Along the banks of this Austrian basin , the microclimate is characterized by a cold but stable temperature and by a typical heavy drizzle , as you can see. These conditions promote the fish activity.

After a very accurate preventive mapping of the area, carried out by a fishfinder to locate the exact depth falls, action starts. The use of a shock leader is necessary to avoid to break the line when it touches stones and submersed trees.

The first bite comes when the sky starts to darken. It is not a coincidence . " Here in this lake- says Bertoni – cause of the human activity coming from bathing tourists, carps learnt to search for food later in the day, when everything is calm. The best time for carp fishing is between 6 pm and 7 am”.

A clever baiting and the right sense of observation lead mostly good results. And if you have a boat you will find it is an excellent help, cause you will react faster during the fighting with the carp.

In any case you should not forget to use your better rod. Bertoni says: “We use the K-Karp Phoenix BSK 10’ and I cannot avoid to recommend it to everyone. A short rod with a well proportioned handle, that can be combined with a big pit reel to create a fantastic set, the best you can have to fight a big and strong fish”.

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