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A great bag designed for the serious angler, who spends long fishing sessions in search of the record carp.

The product is not only great in sizes, but also great in versatility, considering that the user’s needs can vary according to seasons or to fishing spots. The main characteristic is the modularity: four squared pockets, applied externally by Velcro bands, can be removed on the basis of the space requirement, up to make the bag completely naked. Since they feature handles, those pockets become individual bags. Fully made from a strong and waterproof 1200 Denier fabric, the bag has stiff and waterproof top and bottom. Sizes of main compartment: 60 x 30 (h 36) cm. Design: Designed to offer maximum load capability, functionality and comfort, by our Team Members and produced to the highest standard. Fabric: Tear and water-resistant treated polyester, used throughout the range is lightweight but extremely durable. Zip: All zips through the range are specially strengthened and sturdy to withstand extreme use. Handles: Stiffened and padded handles help the transport and to spread the load for the maximum comfort.

191-15-075 Attraction Modular Carryall 82x42x36 cm