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The Pulsar ADS Lamp is surely the most advanced system of remote bite indication, designed to be connected with six indicators belonging to Pulsar ADS or Pulsar ADS Mini range.

Its function is to receive the signal and automatically switch a large LED lamp, whose power consumption is so low to grant 80.000 hours of light. The emitted light has the same colour of the bite alarm, so that the indication contains also the information about which rod must be grabbed for the fight. The lamp can be hung inside the bivvy by the provided hook, or can be applied to any metal surface, thanks to the magnet included in the body. It can even be used as a normal illumination device, using the easy access switch located on the body’s side.

Multicolour Led Selection with Brightness Adjustment. This allows the choice of six colours and their brightness to be selected with the push of one button. Easy Syncro.  Sync the alarms on the Pulsar ADS Lamp has never been so easy, just with the push of Syncro button on the lamp the unique identification code will be registered.

Ultra Long Range Signal.
 The Pulsar contains and advanced transmitter device, capable of long distances.
Multi-Channel Receiver. The Pulsar ADS Lamp works with up to six different channels, so up to six alarms can be used at once.

Energy Saver Circuit.
 The Pulsar ADS Lamp is designed to reduce at minimum the battery consumption with advanced energy saver devices.
Low Battery Warning.  The Pulsar  ADS Lamp continuously monitors the battery voltage and detects its failing with  visual warnings which are also transmitted where specified.

2 Years Warranty. Pulsars are supplied with a two years warranty terms as a standard.

019-27-300 Pulsar ADS Lamp