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We are happy to present to K-Karp fans this advanced bite alarm featuring a wide range of technical solutions dedicated to the most demanding angler. It looks very nice and it is designed with a shock resistant ABS shell and electronic components have been flooded into a thick resin foam to avoid problems with water and moisture.

It is an evolution of the previous generations of successful K-Karp bite alarms and so it is not necessary to reaffirm their complete waterproofness, but the Drake TX can stand any weather condition having passed hard field tests. In evidence there is the Run’N’Drop function, producing different tones and different flash light if the carp is running away from the rod or coming to it. Then we added a switch for activating or deactivating the night light. The inner electronic is supplied with the Energy Saver technology, allowing to fully disconnect the battery circuit increasing its durability even under conditions of high humidity. Receiver range is wide, field tested at 150 meters with a perfect signal reception. The “Auto Detection System” automatically synchronizes in a few seconds the receiver with the alarms.

  • Run ’N’ Drop Bite Detection differentiation
  • Night Light Mode Option with low battery consumption diode
  • Vibro & Mute Mode Selection to help you position your rods correctly without to be forced to turn-off your alarms
  • Auto Detection System to easily sync your alarms and the receiver
  • Bright high quality long-life LEDs
  • Compact design
  • Long Range Signal (100/150 m depending on conditions)
  • Low Battery Consumption with Low Level Battery Warning
  • Energy Saver ON/OFF switch
  • Adjustable Sensivity & Volume & Sound
  • Ultra Strong ABS Case with Soft Touch treatment
  • Resin Coated Electronic Circuits
  • Elements Resistant Speakers & Case
  • Power Out Socket for Drake Hangers
  • Detachable belt clip on receiver
  • Receiver functions with 3x 1.5V AAA batteries and the alarms with 1 battery 9V(6LR61)
  • Batteries not included

019-25-920 Drake TX Bite Alarm Set 3+1
019-25-930 Drake TX Bite Alarm Set 4+1