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The K-Karp projects in the bait boat’s field have always been at the highest quality level, and this new model confirms the image of reliability and efficiency gained through thousands and thousands of units currently serving the best carp anglers across Europe.

The Ardito has the big responsibility to replace the old Black Queen, but it does the job exceeding its basic physical characteristics with a completely new design, which led to a smaller outer size in spite of the identical load capacity. The new concept has also reduced the total weight, with obvious benefits in terms of stress on the engines. The feed hopper system ensures the complete release of boilies, pellets, corn, seeds, while a light signal indicates that the operation was successfully completed. The hook clip is located in an area protected from any contact with the vegetation or debris on the surface, and is connected to a light signal that is activated by the release system itself. Quite interesting solution has been adopted for the upper shell, which is magnetized for easy removal at the end of the fishing session, to ensure complete drying at home and long lifetime of the equipment. Available as an option, the Fish Finder remote control allows to explore the aquatic environment in search of fish and underwater features, as well as checking the depth. SOLAR PANELS RECHARGER The solar panels recharger allow to be completely independent during the long fishing sessions. It is enough a good illumination to allow the complete recharge of the batteries. For the maximum performance of the panels we advise to put them perpendicularly to the solar rays.

190-72-500 Ardito Bait Boat
190-72-400 Fish Finder
190-72-200 Boat Battery Solar Recharger
190-72-250 Car Charger