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This straight, long shank hook with an in turned eye, constitutes the most effective solution to very wary carp, when the long run, type D-rig is required.

It seems to have the talent to produce more bites and positive hooking in these situations. The hook shape is modelled to bring an instant penetration. K-Karp hooks utilise the latest cutting system, low friction coating technology. In our opinion they are the best for strength, sharpness and durability. TF PROCESS - MICRO BARB - PTFE COATED The PTFE treatment provides three advantages. The surface is very slick, so that everything is built on the shank slides well; the point is protected from abrasion, thus it lasts longer; the hook is mimetic, because it doesn’t cast any glare in the water. NON REFLECTIVE SYSTEM The anti-glare surface treatment guarantees the maximum camouflage and offers additional protection to the hook, preserving the integrity of the point for a longer time. CHEMICALLY SHARPENED POINT Reinforced and chemically sharpened point last longer and have a better penetration, dramatically decreasing the chances to unhook the carp. FULL CLOSED EYE K-Karp hooks are subjected to a special process insuring the hook eye is perfectly closed, for maximum security and reliability of your rigs.

197-68-020/10 Series 8353 BD 2 10
197-68-040/10 Series 8353 BD 4 10
197-68-060/10 Series 8353 BD 6 10