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Bent, forged, with slightly in-turned eye to allow knotless knot.

The point is chemically sharpened, has beak profile and include a micro-barb for easy penetration and quick disgorging operation. The medium long shank, wide gape and light structure make it perfect for pop-up presentations of single boilies or tiger nuts. The black nickel finish offers good camouflage on the bottom, but also the best possible protection from abrasion, actually expanding point’s life length. TF PROCESS - MICRO BARB - PTFE COATED The PTFE treatment provides three advantages. The surface is very slick, so that everything is built on the shank slides well; the point is protected from abrasion, thus it lasts longer; the hook is mimetic, because it doesn’t cast any glare in the water. NON REFLECTIVE SYSTEM The anti-glare surface treatment guarantees the maximum camouflage and offers additional protection to the hook, preserving the integrity of the point for a longer time. CHEMICALLY SHARPENED POINT Reinforced and chemically sharpened point last longer and have a better penetration, dramatically decreasing the chances to unhook the carp. FULL CLOSED EYE K-Karp hooks are subjected to a special process insuring the hook eye is perfectly closed, for maximum security and reliability of your rigs.

197-60-010/10 Series 8626 BD 1 10
197-60-020/10 Series 8626 BD 2 10
197-60-040/10 Series 8626 BD 4 10
197-60-060/10 Series 8626 BD 6 10