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This series plays its cards on two fronts, starting from the classic two section’s structure made from High Modulus carbon to obtain the necessary speed.

Two rods designed with standard taper and guide’s configuration, starting from a size 40 mm stripper, destined to short to medium distance fishing. Then another two expressly made for those carpers who love to fish at extreme long range, having a faster taper and fitting a size 50 mm stripper guide, destined to accept the wide line coils getting out from big pit reel’s spool. The experience of K-Karp Team can be detected looking at components, which feature plenty of quality and full durability. Stainless steel frame double leg SiC guides are supplied by SeaGuide, while the reel seat is signed by Webo, well known all over the world for precision and strength of their specialist gear. Webo DPS screw reel seat, made from graphite and stainless steel. Shrink rubber super slim butt grip, with K-Karp logo engraved on aluminium butt cap. The Standard and Long Range version also differ in guide’s sizes. Standard Ø 40 mm, Long Range Ø 50 mm. On right, the EVA protection which avoids any damage during transport.

158-78-360 Sniper 12'0" 2 3.00 lb
158-78-390 Sniper 13'0" 2 3.50 lb
158-79-360 Sniper LR 12'0" 2 3.50 lb
158-79-390 Sniper LR 13'0" 2 3.50 lb