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The original name for this rod comes from the special carbon used: the Radial Fused Carbon, which is known for its qualities of strength and speed.

The SiC Ultralight guides ensure lightness and offer extreme casting power, drastically decreasing the resistance on the line. The 5lb version is designed to cast big spods or bait rockets, while the 4lb, in addition to doing the same job, can be used with large marker during the delicate phases of plumbing. On both versions a visual signal has been applied (at one meter from the base) to facilitate measuring the water’s depth. The blank has been specially designed to suit the casting style of the Carper, enabling outstanding distances to be reached. Extra qualities that will be appreciated when fishing are the reinforced joints and the fast action. These features have defined The Fusion as exceptional, as it can even be used to catch big cat fish. The lower end of top section is protected by a thread wrapping which include the guide’s alignment mark and ends with a protective metal ring. On top, the strong graphite and steel K-Karp reel seat. Light and strong double leg Sea Guide rings with stainless steel frame and SiC guide. Located at 1 metre from butt end, the silver line is useful to evaluate the swim depth. The perfect line clip’s wrapping is just one of quality details of these Fusion rods.

158-69-360 Fusion Spod 12'0" 2 4.00 lb
158-69-365 Fusion Spod 12'0" 2 5.00 lb