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It appears immediately as the element of overwhelming interest, but it isn’t and can’t be the only one. For K-Karp, aesthetics are critical, but the substance is equally important.

So the 3D Camo finish, which has already accompanied Adamant reels to success, today characterizes these modern 9 feet rods dedicated to stalking, to fishing at short distances in the marginal bands of large lakes or in commercial ones, but also to the boat, a branch of carp fishing that also covers rivers and their very powerful carp. To demonstrate the great attention to detail, which is always a primary objective of K-Karp production, the decoration with three-dimensional natural patterns also invests the body of the reel seat, creating a very pleasant cosmetic effect. Under the dress, there is a two section’s blank, created from High Modulus carbon to obtain a balanced effect of resistance, reactivity and lightness, something apparently gentle but terribly strong at the same time. The reinforcement wrapping at the base of the top section is considered a must by most carpers, as well as the carbon line clip and the thin rubber grip at the base of the butt section, essential and efficient at the same time. The sturdy double leg guides with SiC ring are fixed by minimal black wrappings. Screw graphite reel seat with rubber lined steel hoods.

158-96-270 Fulcron 9'0" 2 2.50 lb
158-96-270 Fulcron 9'0" 2 2.75 lb