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Recently improved, the Drake Plus Bite Alarm feature Nite-Glo LED and magnetic bite detectors. Compact and attractive shape with mat black soft touch finish.

Internal electronic components have a special coating which protect from rain and humidity, and make possible to set in four different level volume, tone and sensibility. The led have 30 seconds memory and on the bottom there is an output jack where illuminated bite indicators can be connected. Available in four different colours: blue, green, yellow and red, it works with MN-ZN 9V batteries.

  • Easily tuning thanks to four weatherproof buttons
  • Four different adjustable grade of sensitivity
  • Elements resistant speaker
  • Nite-Glo sensitive led with 30 seconds (approx.) latching time
  • Fully integrated system with Drake Hangers
  • Magnetic rollers coated and shaped to increase friction
  • Drop bite detection
  • Resin coated electronic circuit
  • Water resistant case
  • Works with MN-ZN 9V batteries

019-25-901 Drake XTR Bite Alarm 9V Blue
019-25-902 Drake XTR Bite Alarm 9V Green
019-25-903 Drake XTR Bite Alarm 9V Yellow
019-25-904 Drake XTR Bite Alarm 9V Red