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The number of carp anglers that decide to take long vacations on the lakes or to perform never ending sessions, is increasing every year.

That’s why we decided to build a holdall that can really carry 6 rods with reels with the same protection of a single padded sleeve. We know pretty well how much an angler loves his tackle, so we rejected any compromise in terms of quality and created a super high end holdall. If the protection grade of an holdall would be measured on a scale, the Gladio Max Rod Holdall would be at the top! So our new rod holdall features six rod posts for 6 complete rod+reel sets, and two external side pockets that can be used for pegs or umbrellas. The inner posts are all individually padded to avoid any contact between the rods and the reels, even for big pit reels. It can be used both with 12’ or 13’ rods. Design: Designed to offer maximum load capability, functionality and comfort, by our Team Members and produced to the highest standard. Fabric: Tear and water-resistant treated polyester, used throughout the range is lightweight but extremely durable. Zip: All zips through the range are specially strengthened and sturdy to withstand extreme use. Handles: Stiffened and padded handles help the transport and to spread the load for the maximum comfort.

193-00-075 Gladio Max Rods Holdall 212x40 cm