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Designed for expert carpers, this holdall provides perfect protection for rods and reels during transport.

The position of the straps and handles balance the bag to make carrying easy. The materials used have been tested and selected to be hard-wearing and resistant to all the strain a carper’s equipment is subjected to. The Intrepid 3 rods is padded throughout to completely protect the 3 rods. The inside has a waterproof lining, so it can be easily washed and is not damaged by carrying wet or damp equipment. The Intrepid 3 has been tested with loads of over 50 kilos, so it is guaranteed reliable and long-lasting over time. Design: Designed to offer maximum load capability, functionality and comfort, by our Team Members and produced to the highest standard. Fabric: Tear and water-resistant treated polyester, used throughout the range is lightweight but extremely durable. Zip: All zips through the range are specially strengthened and sturdy to withstand extreme use. Handles: Stiffened and padded handles help the transport and to spread the load for the maximum comfort.

193-00-010 Intrepid 3 Rods Holdall 215x33 cm