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K-Karp / From Carpers to Carpers

The creation of K-Karp products start from the ideas of the K-Karp team. Our testers spend most of their time on the banks of rivers and lakes in a constant search for new techniques and innovative solutions, which are then transformed into the new products we offer our public.

K-Karp products

There are no better experts in the world to develop fishing equipment. K-Karp also has a special department that takes the idea behind every product and develops it using the best materials and the latest design technologies. Only after months of work and testing to eliminate the smallest defects is a product ready to be marketed. K-Karp’s way of working extends to all its main products, reels, rods, pods, luggage and acoustic signallers.

Only those products that pass the tests carried out in the field and quality controls on materials are put into production. In these pages you will find the fruits of our labours at your disposal for the greatest sport in the world...Carpfishing

Real carp fishing enthusiasts with the most cutting edge equipment know that the tool that makes the difference is the rod. This is why so many of them already own K-Karp rods. 

K-KARP reels have quickly become successful among carpers. We can say that our reels have become a benchmark in terms of quality and technical innovation. K-KARP uses the best materials and world-class technology in their construction.

The K-Karp Team is committed to researching the best materials from years, to produce what’s probably the best range of luggage now available.  Materials, solutions and fabrics are chosen by carpers who really live on the banks and know what carp fishing is. The sharing of our passions has let us designing quality products, improve functionality and durability and to suit your own individual requirements, non-just on the banks but also logistically when you need to pack and transport them.

K-Karp is passion, and as per all the passions you will enjoy it more through sharing. The K-Karp website is at your disposal to show you the countless new products coming out monthly and to know in advance the places where our testimonials will meet the anglers. You can also find a video section where you can see and “feel” the way our experts are living the K-Karp experience. If you don’t want to miss any news or just you want to share pictures, videos or just opinions, you can sign in our social network profiles.


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