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Gregorio Apuzzo was born in Palmanova (Udine) on May 25, 1988. When he was 6, he decided to begin fishing, even though he had to be assisted by his sister to reach local waters. After early experiences with canal’s small carp and tench, he started getting his line snapped by bigger fish, and this pushed him to persevere, instead of giving up!

At 12 Gregorio started reading carp fishing magazines, and these definitely boost his passion. Back to the canal of early days, sweetcorn and boilies started producing results and fish size grew dramatically. Then first night fishing arrived, also thanks to the support of the expert friend Michele Giomo, and carping knowledge got into wider mode.

Year after year, the experience grew with more and more catches, until a huge personal best – one of the biggest ever caught in Italy – left an indelible sign in his mind, making him choose carp fishing as unique fishing style for the rest of his life. 

At that time, being surrounded by wild nature was quite pleasant for him, as well as the best way to rest after tough time spent at his restaurant. Then he decided to experience carp fishing abroad, with some trips to Slovenia and Austria which bring him more glory in form of record carp.

In the recent years, he has regularly contributed to some carp magazines with articles about fishing itineraries, and has also taken part in the K-Karp video “Ossiach Wonders”, which has been broadcast on Italian Fishing TV. 

For the first time, he appears in some pages of 2015 K-Karp catalogue.

“Getting into K-Karp World is an amazing opportunity, but I’m sure to be prepared enough”. 



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