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Limited Lifetime Warranty. All K-Karp rods are marketed only after being subjected to stringent quality tests and compliance to the resistance specifications set by our experts. For this reason, K-Karp guarantees that all rods are free from any defect. The limited lifetime warranty covers the original purchaser against defects or breakage due to manufacturing defects and workmanship from the date of purchase. The lifetime warranty is limited to repair and / or to replacements and does not cover accidental breakage, not due to manufacturing defects.

During the whole warranty period K-Karp International (through the Italian distributor - Trabucco International) will repair and / or replace the product. Only the K-Karp, through Trabucco International, is authorized to repair and / or replace the damaged product. In addition, the warranty will be void if the product, after checking, will be found modified without authorization, or will show manipulation, misuse, abuse or damage caused by a lack of reasonable maintenance.

For all cases in which the LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY cannot be applied, for example in all the cases in which the product has suffered a damage cause of the normal wear and tear or improper use, it will be possible to require repair and / or replacement for the damaged. The price of the requested spare parts will include the cost of material, labor and shipping costs. Please contact your local distributor in order to get an estimation of costs.


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